What areas do you cover?

Suppliers in The Northern Creators are based in the North East of England. Some of our suppliers do offer their services further afield so don’t be shy to ask.

How do I make a booking?

After browsing our website you can go to our contact page and complete the form to receive a quote from at least 3 of your chosen suppliers. We will respond with a quote including a full breakdown of the costs, your exclusive offers and deposit required to secure your date. If you would like to talk over the finer details with any of your suppliers but let us know and will make sure they contact you. Once you are happy to go ahead just come back to our contact page and fill out our 'secure your date' form and pay your deposit. Details on how to pay the date retaining deposit can be found in our terms and conditions.

I've paid my deposit, what happens next?

Now that your dates have been secured, we will give each of your selected suppliers the go ahead to discuss all of the finer details with you. You should expect to hear from them via email or telephone within 72 hours of paying your deposit.

Are the supplier offers only available through The Northern Creators?

Yes. Our suppliers promise that their exclusive offer is available to you only when you book 3 or more suppliers with us.

Do I pay more to book via The Northern Creators?

Absolutely Not! In fact you pay exactly the same (if not less based on your chosen supplier deal) than you would just booking 1 at a time.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit will vary depending on the suppliers you have requested. Some suppliers, like photographers and celebrants, have a slightly higher deposit based on a percentage of the final package. To keep it simple we will give you one price for the deposit, which will book all of your requested suppliers. All deposits are non-refundable

What if one of the suppliers isn't available for my requested date?

Some of our categories have multiple suppliers so we would suggest them as an alternative. Should there be no other supplier in the same category we might suggest a different category you could book in order to qualify for the 3 supplier booking deals.

If I book 3 suppliers but I cancel one at a later date, what happens to my booking?

If your booking falls below 3 suppliers, your remaining two suppliers are still booked however you will no longer have access to the exclusive deals you received by booking through The Northern Creators. To receive these offers again you would need to book another Nothern Creators supplier.

If one of my suppliers cancels will I still have access to the deals?


I’m at different stages of my wedding planning, can I book two suppliers now and a third later to unlock the deals?

To unlock the exclusive deals you must initially book a minimum of 3 suppliers at once. Once your chosen suppliers (minimum 3) are in place, you have access to all the other supplier's offers if you wanted to book them at a later date. Alternatively if you found only one or two suppliers that you are interested in booking, then you can contact them directly by going to their business profile page on our website, however their exclusive offers will not be available to you.

When I booked my suppliers they were offering a deal, but a few weeks on this deal is different, can I change to the new deal?

All exclusive deals and offers provided by the suppliers at the time of booking are non exchangeable. From time to time our suppliers may change their exclusive offer which will only be available to new bookings

I have an issue with one of my booked suppliers, who should I contact?

We advise that you try to resolve this with your supplier directly and all issues raised with suppliers are independent of the Northern Creators. We would however encourage you to make us aware of any issues as well as provide feedback on great experiences too so that we can continue to provide only the best suppliers.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Special offers are unlocked when at least 3 suppliers are booked through The Northern Creators website at the same time. 

  2. A non-refundable deposit as a date retainer is required to secure a booking. The amount will depend on the chosen suppliers and will be shown in a personalised quote emailed to the customer. 

  3. Once your date retaining deposit is received for at least 3 chosen suppliers, special offers from any other Nothern Creators supplier automatically becomes available if the customer wishes to book that supplier at a later date, and they are booked through The Nothern Creators website. 

  4. If for any reason the customer cancels one of the suppliers and this brings the total number of booked suppliers from The Northern Creators below 3, the special offers from the remaining 2 suppliers are no longer valid unless the customer chooses to book another Northern Creators supplier. 

  5. If a supplier cancels or can no longer fulfil their booking with the customer, and this brings the total number of booked suppliers from The Northern Creators below 3, offers from the remaining 2 suppliers will still be valid. The deposit paid to the supplier who can no longer fulfil the booking will be refunded to the customer. The refund will come directly from the supplier and not The Northern Creators. The Northern Creators take no financial responsibility for date retainers as all payments made are immediately and directly transferred to the supplier whereby it is the supplier’s responsibility to manage the booking in its entirety. 

  6. Supplier offers are specific to the time of booking and cannot be substituted for any offers the supplier may have at a later date, or offers available outside of The Northern Creators. 

  7. The Northern Creators will check availability for your chosen suppliers, offer a quote including special offers and inform you of the total amount of deposit required by your chosen suppliers to secure your date. The Northern Creators only take monies as a date retaining deposit which is immediately transferred to each chosen supplier, after which the remaining management of the booking will be dealt with by the suppliers directly. Deposits can be paid via bank transfer to: Sort Code: 40-12-55 Account Number: 92292475. 

  8. Under no circumstances are The Northern Creators responsible for the actions, service or communication of featured suppliers. Once The Northern creators have secured your chosen suppliers and passed on your date retaining deposit, the client agrees that all further correspondence will be made with each supplier, including any further payments, complaints or queries.  

  9. By providing a date retaining deposit, clients acknowledge that this in no way binds The Northern Creators to any financial agreement and understand that all agreements are with the suppliers directly. The Northern Creators are solely here to collate your quote information and secure your booking for you with your chosen suppliers. By submitting a quote, and or by the act of paying any monies, clients accept all terms and conditions.