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Hi I'm Jo, one half of The Cake Place, I do a lot of the admin so when you message or email, it's me that you will speak to, as Moira is the Baker (and locked up in the kitchen and not allowed out)

What do we do?


Well, We make bespoke cakes for all occasions, specialising in wedding cakes. 


We design, bake, fill and decorate your cakes. It's just us two so we only take on a few a week to make sure that your cakes get plenty of our time and attention.

Design wise... Well I suppose my style is eclectic, I adore pretty, flowery elegant, but I also love edgy cakes, unusual designs and cakes that are a little less ordinary but always unique. 

We have some customers coming to us with their own specific ideas who already know exactly what they want, and others who want to give us free rein over the design, so it's always varied. We love working with our customers to create a cake personal to them. By booking through The Northern Creators you will receive a free top tier to any cake 120 servings or more (minimum size 10"8"6") 


Consultations are by appointment only and are generally held on Saturday afternoons in our shop in South Shields. We will work through design, colours, delivery and flavours.

You can choose 3 flavours of cake to sample, these come in the form of cupcakes, your consultation will last approximately 30 mins. Please note this is for 2 people only.

Consultations are £50. This is a non refundable booking fee , however will come off the total cost of your order. Click here to be taken to our website where you can read our full terms and conditions.


Prices for our cakes will depend on many factors including size, design complexity, amount of sugar flowers etc. Please get in touch if you would like a quote for something specific. We have a starting price list for standard cakes & sizes

Some allergies can be catered for, for example our cake is actually made without dairy (as I'm allergic to dairy) but we do use dairy and nuts in other bakes so we are not a free from kitchen. Any allergy information can be discussed direct. 

We are a small business, my grandma taught my mam to bake, who in turn taught me, currently my kids are being trained up at home but they mostly just want to eat cake left overs.

We put all our time into your cake and strive for perfection, to create a piece of art that you will then eat.


P. S the cakes taste even better than they look


Love Jo x

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