Wedding Dogs at Karma Canine

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Hello, I’m Donna


I’m super excited you’re thinking of including your furry family in your day! After all, they’re family, right?


Let me tell you a bit about me and why I started Wedding Dogs at Karma Canine. I got married in 2014 and being a total dog nut and a Veterinary Nurse I wanted my dogs at our wedding, my dogs are my kids, so it was only natural to have them with us. Amongst all the other planning I searched for someone who would take care of my furry gang - bring them to our wedding venue and tending to their needs during the day. Meaning we could concentrate on getting married knowing ALL our loved ones would be with us. This turned out to be an impossible task, I could find companies that offered Day Care or Dog walking but nobody to chaperone my dogs at my wedding!

Our dogs did join us and were cared for by us and our guests during our day, less than ideal I’m sure you agree! From my own experience Wedding Dogs was born, I didn’t want any other couples to feel the same disappointment I had.

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I offer a Wedding Day Chaperone Service for Dog mad couples that couldn’t imagine their day with their four-legged family member. I take full responsibility for your furry friend, tending to their needs and making sure


Imagine how amazing it would be to have your furry friend greet your guests or play a pivotal role in your day perhaps a ring bearer or maybe you’d love your dog to act as Best Dog?

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Though what we offer is a bespoke chaperone service I have noticed reoccurring trends in the things couples opt for.


To make your choice a little easier I have put these options into packages. All the packages include a get to know you session, all your canine companions comfort needs whilst in my care and return travel to their chosen accommodation.

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Pawsome Package

This is our entry-level package. It’s still Pawsome and offers you the joy of having your furry friend join you for your post-ceremony photographs. Your furry friend will enjoy a nice relaxing walk and a quick brush if needed before heading to your ceremony. Once your day has been captured on camera and they have finished their doggy duties then it’s a trip back to their lodgings after a second 30-minute walk.

This package offers up to 3 hours of chaperone time and starts from £277 (The Northern Creators price: £250)

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Wagtastic Package

Our Wagtastic package comprises of the Pawsome package with some fabulous extras.

This package gives you the option for your fur baby not only being present after your ceremony but to arrive 30 minutes beforehand to greet your guests! Just imagine how cute it would be and how amazing it would feel if your dog arrived dressed for the occasion and were there to greet your guests.

With the bonus of you being able to have a sneaky snuggle with your favourite four-legged friend to steady your nerves before saying I do. Can you image how calming a pupster squeeze would be?

Wagtastic benefits from free transport to your reception venue for more of your day to be captured on camera before a final walk and returning to their lodgings.

This package offers up to 6 hours of chaperone time and starts from £397 (The Northern Creators price: £358)

Ultimutt Package

The Ultimutt package encompasses all the Wagtastic options but again included some fantastic additions for you to enjoy.

This package will extend your magical day!

How would you feel knowing that you could relax not just on the day but also the morning after your wedding?

Maybe have one last swim in the pool or have a relaxing breakfast with all your family and friends?

This offer gives your dog my undivided attention for a whopping 24 hours, imagine your dog having as much fun as you are. Knowing they are being cared for and pampered in their own home. By caring for your four-legged friend at home you can rest assured that not only your fur baby but your home is in safe hands.

What more could you want?

This offers 24hours of care and starts from just £457 (The Northern Creators price: £412)

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